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Thanks to good relations and management open minds, Quality Engineering SrL worked hard to successfully build up relations among companies through cooperation and trust. We are convinced that there are always benefits from sharing & collaboration since the cooperation is a key component to build future success.

Quality Engineering SrL has the following participation or cooperation in place.
• STREAMTECHNOLOGY ®: www.streamtechnology.it, a stable Joint Venture with SNV ITALIA SRLS and SIMIC SPA for the design and production of Desalination & WWT Modular Units;

• PROCESSI INNOVATIVI (KT - Kinetics Technology, MAIRE-TECNIMONT): www.qesrl.it/value/r-d a Joint Venture for a R&D Project related to the Waste Water Treatment with energy, water & material recovery;

• SIMIC SPA, www.simic.it, over ten year in integrated cooperation to execute engineering & manufacturing of very critical process equipment;

• Polo Innovazione Energia Abruzzo: www.scoop.it/t/polo-smart

• Polo Innovazione Servizi Avanzati d’Abruzzo

• Nuovo Polo Scentifico Tecnologico d’Abruzzo

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