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What we do

Quality Engineering SrL offers a comprehensive wide range of consulting engineering & management services related to the design of industrial and infrastructure plants both in greenfield & brownfield areas.

Engineering Services

· equipment sizing
· process simulation
· machines selection
· heat and material balance
· open-art process development
· deaerator
· feed water preheater
· waste heat recovery unit
· steam surface condenser
· heat exchanger design and rating
· waste heat boiler (fire tube or water tube type)
· thermal energy storage system (single phase, two phase, molten salts)
Instrumentation & Control
· hazop activities
· control system architecture
· piping and instrumentation diagram
· valve sizing & instrument selection
· logic diagram & cause and effect matrix
· earthing system
· system architecture
· device sizing & load analysis
· hazardous area classification
· lighting & lightning protection system
· equipment design
· pressure vessel calculation (ASME I, ASME VIII, TEMA, VSR, EN, etc.)
· finite element analysis (FEA) for thermo-fluid dynamic and structural analysis of equipments and relevant details
· piping design (plant layout, 3D modeling/routing, stress analysis, isometric sketches, MTO, etc.)
· fire fighting
· acoustic design
· thermal load calculation
· building management system
· energy retrofit existing building
· commissioning and TAB assistance
· system selection, development, design
· building advanced modelling (B.I.M. approach)
· solution for residential, tertiary sector (health care), industrial

· river and flood analysis
· life-cycle cost of buildings analysis
· building information modelling (B.I.M.)
· infrastructures design and railway engineering
· structural bridge design and engineering
· topographic & geotechnical survey services
· RC, steel, timber and masonry structures design
· seismic assessment of existing buildings studies
· architectural design for residential, hospital, education and sports buildings

Management Services

Energy Management
· passive system
· renewable energy
· industrial process energy diagnosis
· cogeneration and trigeneration plant
· high rating energy & efficient design
Procurement Management
· technical specification processing
· technical and commercial evaluation of bidders
· supply follow-up/expediting & quality inspection
Engineering Management
· quality system
· CE stamp of equipment and plant
· code compliance project development
· assistance for finance in business foundation, research and innovation sectors.

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