Quality Engineering (QE) is a part of Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico d’Abruzzo (PSTd’A) where QE is able to develop industrial scale pilot plants and laboratory tests and analysis.

QE now is active in thermochemical H2 production, CO2 caprture, Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) using low enthalpy waste heat, bioplastic by using cyanobacteria.

Our Projects


The aim of the S.T.R.E.A.M. project is based on the development and engineering of a process unit that is capable of treating wastewater of any nature to recover water suitable for industrial reuse and substances of interest from it. The unit is powered with low quality energy recoverable from various industrial thermal waste (low enthalpy). The waste remains in the final product extremely concentrated or pushed up to crystallization. The innovation of project consists of two essential goals: capacity to treat any type of waste feed, ability to use any thermal waste heat in the production project.


The HY.B.R.A. research and development project intends to start from the study of photo-autrophic bacteria to be cultivated in an artificial environment (photobioreactor) to obtain natural polymers (in a technically and economically advantageous way) to be used for micro-perforated films (biodegradable bioplastics) in a sanitary sector. Micro-perforated films represent a large amount of municipal solid waste with a significant environmental impact, the use of biopolymer-based materials will be a valid support in terms of CO2 reduction and elimination of non-biodegradable plastic materials. The reference market, also prompted by constantly evolving regulations, is focused on the sustainable development and bio-plastics will replace traditional plastics in the future.


The general aim of S.I.H.L.V.A.N. Project is based on the development of a new process for the production of hydrogen from hydrolysis of water by thermochemical cycle. Project is focused in productive symbiosis with the desulphurization of fossil fuels. The new production process is leable to close the balance of hydrogen in the refining industry of petroleum and natural gas products with zero CO2 emissions. The main topics are: - the definition of an innovative process scheme; - the definition of new catalysts and the thermo-fluid dynamic design of the reactors; - the selection of materials compatible with the critical operating conditions in the presence of corrosive fluids; - the mechanical design of the reactor involved; - the innovative processing and welding technologies; - the construction of a pilot plant of pre-industrial size.
*For full list of projects and additional information please write to specifying sector of R&D interest.
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